About Find a Hood

Not sure where to live?

Want to move house but not sure where to move to? There are many websites that will take a postcode or name and tell you statistics about that neighbourhood. This is great but only if you already have a location in mind. What if you don't?

Find a Hood is different

Find a Hood answers "Where should I live?" by asking you want you want and finds a neighbourhood that best matches that.

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Constantly improving

Find a Hood is a new project so it is constantly being added to ensure it remains the most powerful tool in this field.



As a relatively new project your feedback is very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact feedback@findahood.com or tweet @findahood if you would like to suggest improvements or just share your thoughts about the site.


The data is gathered from official and governmentally recognised sources. This data is analysed to pin point the information of interest to people planning on moving to a new area.

The data is then parsed into a useful format where a series of weightings and fuzzy logic are applied so it can be used most effectively when you are searching Find a Hood's database of neighbourhoods and their statistics.

The data is not live or up to the minute so, while every effort is made to ensure the data is of the high standard necessary for such detailed and accurate neighbourhood comparison, the statistics displayed on Find a Hood should be used for comparison only and not for reporting current statistics.


The comments found on Find a Hood are written and maintained by Find a Hood's community of followers. The opinions expressed in these mediums are the opinions of the individuals from the community and are unrelated to the data algorithms used to find a location suitable for you.