What is a neighbourhood watch scheme?

23 Apr 2014
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What is the neighbourhood watch scheme? Is there one in my area? How can I set one up in order to reduce crime in my area?

Can a neighbourhood watch scheme lower crime in my area?

We've all heard of the neighbourhood watch scheme but what does it actually do? Started in 1982 the neighbourhood watch movement now has over 150,000 schemes operating throughout the UK and covers 5 million homes. According to neighbourhoodwatch.net the majority of crime committed are fortunately opportunistic which means that there are many ways in which a local neighbourhood watch scheme can reduce crime for its local residents.

How do neighbourhood watch schemes work?

These schemes target specific crime problems that are specific to a local area. These crime problems can range from antisocial behaviour to vandalism. Neighbourhood watch schemes can also work with their local authority to help reduce crime in their neighbourhood by lobbying for crime prevention methods such as improving street lighting. Each scheme will have its own objectives set by its members.

A neighbourhood watch scheme can also reduce crime by allowing local residents to get to know one another and help keep an eye out for local problems affecting that area. By having good relationships between residents a friendlier neighbourhood can easily be achieved.

Is there a neighbourhood watch scheme in my area?

You can easily find out whether there is a local group in your area by visiting neighbourhoodwatch.net. If there isn't one you can easily form your own and also make new friends by signing up to the neighbourhood watch scheme.

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