Find out who Jack the Ripper was

21 Jun 2013
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Help solve the 125 year old crime mystery whilst taking a guided tour of London's dark Victorian streets where these atrocities took place.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

Put your detective skills to the test and help solve a 125 year old crime committed by one of London's most notorious serial killers that gripped an East London neighbourhood in terror.

Jack the Rippers is one of the UK's most renowned but unidentified serial killer who spread terror amongst the impoverished slums of Victorian East London in 1888 until 1891. At least 11 murders have been attributed to this wicked criminal but there could have been many more.

Take a tour where you will hear all the evidence, visit the sites of his gruesome crimes, learn about Jack's victims and learn about how the police tried to capture this serial killer.

Tours run everyday from 7:45pm and last for 1hr 45 mins, you can even book online and prices are a reasonable £9 per person. This tour is very popular so online booking is advised.

Tours now come with "Ripper Vision" which are unique hand held projectors that use technology to really bring the tour to life with the use of images and film clips to enhance your experience. All tours are run by dedicated ripperoligists and has been voted London's number 1 Jack the Ripper tour.

To settle your nerves the tour concludes in a genuine Victorian pub situated near the crime scenes where you can discuss your findings.

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