See Highgate Cemetery's spooky sights

20 Jun 2013
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Want to discover something different to do? Try a tour of Highgate Cemetery to send a creepy cool shiver down your spine.

If you want to get a feel for Victorian London then look no further than Highgate Cemetery. Opened in 1839 this beautiful, Gothic cemetery showcases extraordinary tombs, vaults and even mausoleums.

The cemetery is divided into two sections, East and West. The west section can be accessed by guided tour only.

Highgate cemetery is famous not only for its beautiful architecture it is also listed as Grade 1 on the English Heritage register of parks and gardens of special historic interest. The cemetery also has its very own vampire known as the Highgate Vampire, so be warned!

There are many prominent people buried here, such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren, Douglas Adams and a host of notable Victorians such as the Charles Dickens family.

Visit Highgate Cemetery

East Cemetery is £4 per adult and free for under 18s. West Cemetery guided tour is £12 per adult and £6 for 8-17 year olds; under 8's not permitted! If you plan on attending the West Cemetery guided tour on a week day you can book entry to guarantee a place. Tour fees go towards the upkeep of the cemetery.

If you have been here before and want to share your spooky experience please do in the comment box below.

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