The ten rudest places in the UK

5 Dec 2014
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The British are a truly unique race of people, you only have to look at where we live to see how odd we truly are.

It's fair to say that us Brits have got it spot on when it comes to naming our wonderful villages and streets within the UK.

Here's a list of findahood's personal favourites:

10 - Crapstone - Devon

Most people swoon over and diamonds and Rubies but if Crapstone is your thing, head to Devon and visit the village of Crapstone located near on the edge of Dartmoor.

9 - Scratchy Bottom - Dorset

It's hard to resist a bit of Scratchy Bottom every once in a while but if you can't wait head to Dorset and see Scratchy Bottom for yourself.

8 - Back Passage - London

London is often referred to as the heart of Britain but did you know it's also the Back Passage too? You can see for yourself if you head to central London ironically in the banking district.

7 - Brown Willy - Cornwall

If you like to see Brown Willy take a trip down south to Bodmin, Cornwall. You'll get a fair bit of exercise too as it's the highest point of Bodmin Moor and is 1,378 feet above sea level.


6 - Slaggyford - Northumberland

If Slaggyford is more to your tastes then head up north to the village of Slaggyford in Northumberland.

5 - Bell End - Worcestershire

Enjoy some festive cheer at Bell End, a village in Worcestershire.


4 - Spanker Lane - Derbyshire

If you're always getting up to no good you can redeem yourself at Spanker Lane, Nether Heage in Derbyshire, and whilst your there you can stay at Spanker Inn for the full experience!

3 - Cocknmouth Close - Surrey

You only need to head to West End Surrey to see Cocknmouth Close

2 - Shitterton - Dorset

Feeling fed up or need to detox your life? Head to the tranquil hamlet of Shitterton in Dorset which reputedly includes a fine collection of historic thatched cottages.

1 - Twatt - Shetland & Orkney

There's not just one Twatt in the UK, there's two!






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