Top London markets: Leather Lane Market

8 May 2014
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A small and slightly scruffy market set in London's Leather Lane will leave your taste buds and smell senses satisfied if you chance upon walking through it. Here is our guide to this little gem.

I used to work in this area; twice in fact. On a recent visit through this market I was reminded of what an exciting place it can be for your lunchtime appetite and so I would like to share my humble knowledge of this London market.

Where is Leather Lane Market?

First of all you will need to be able to get there of course. It is unsurprisingly it is located in Leather Lane which is off Hatton Gardens and very close to Farringdon tube station. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in areas such as Chancery Lane, Holborn, Farringdon or Holborn Viaduct to have a short walk over to this market around lunch time.

First impressions

Upon entering Leather Lane Market, I usually find myself entering via the south Holborn Circus side, it is a disheartening first impression particularly since you are probably there for lunch.

From this entrance you will walk past a bargain general goods stall selling discounted washing powder, cereal, batteries and everything in between. You will then pass a few stalls selling shirts and dresses for rock bottom prices and stalls offering phone unlocking services as well as diamonte clad phone cases.

The food

If your taste buds require something other than a phone charger for lunch then you will not be disappointed when you pass the first few stalls. You will be met with a spectrum of cuisines on offer; some of the stalls will be smart, some will be scruffy but their food will always taste great.

Stalls and shops here tend to have a quick turnover so forgive me if any shops mentioned aren't there on your visit.


For a long time Daddy Donkey owned a prominent stall serving top quality burritos; the queue would always be huge despite the £6 price tag for their equally huge burritos. They have now moved to a physical shop space on Leather Lane where they appear to value regular burritos at £7 now! They are great quality and large as I say but maybe £7 is getting unrealistic for lunch.


I was offered a free falafel sampler whilst walking though and it was just incredible, I've had other falafel before of course but this was something different. The samplers were doing a good job of pulling crowds into a shop named Chick that served falafel in pitta or salad among other things at the much more reasonable £4.50-£5.50.


There is a Caribbean stall called King Jerk, serving up some beautiful jerk chicken, rice and peas and more. The stall appeared to be very popular and it is not hard to see why, have a look at @KingJerkFood on twitter to see multiple photos of they serve.

Propa' East End boy

There are plenty of great examples of real East End food for tastes a little closer to home. You will be able to find pie and mash, good quality scotch eggs, sausage rolls, whatever your cockney stomach is craving.


There is an uninspiring looking van offering amazing thai curries and meals that make up for the shoddy appearance of this trailer like stall.

And lots more...

If none of these examples inspire you, visit Leather Lane anyway as there is so much more than I can write about in any great details. I have sampled all sorts here, meze, salt beef, pizzas and calzone, fine kebabs, top notch fish and chips, quality burgers, beautiful cakes. There can be some let downs of course but the majority of food I tried have surpassed expectations.

If you are interested in knowing the crime rate, average age, house prices and more stats on the area then take a look at our demographics and statistics of Leather Lane you can also search for the statistics we have on your home town, give it a try.

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