Where do we get our data from?

16 Mar 2013
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We have such powerful tools to help you find a neighbourhood that is right for you, you must wonder where we get our data from.

As you no doubt have realised findahood contains a very powerful web application that can help you to find a property location that is just right for you.

How does it work?

Over the past few years we have gathered lots and lots of data about different locations across the UK and formulated a powerful data processing routine that allows us to correlate locations' statistics to your individual requirements.

This process has been perfected during these years until we are satisfied that the locations suggested truly represent the qualities that were requested by you.

Where do we get our data from?

The data is very much our own unique data source now after the data process involved in getting the data into the form used to rank locations against users' preferences but the original sources include: Office for National Statistics, Department for Education, Communities and Local Government and the Home Office.

As stated, the data we own is a unique set since it is structured in a way that can be ranked according to your preferences that would be impossible if looking at the sources directly.

How accurate is our data?

We have been very careful to ensure that data taken from their respective sources has been gathered with the greatest of care. The statistics run on the data sets are uniform across all locations and data set. No manipulation of data is possible nor are any biases introduced. In short the statistics quoted about each area are as accurate as their official, governmental sources.

To conclude...

Please use our site safe in the knowledge that its data is originally sourced from official governmental data sources and those original numbers are the only ones that will be displayed on this site. The data we use to rank locations according to your specific requirements is our own formula based on these governmental sources, but all facts and figures stated are those officially reported in government statistics.

So I hope you can now confidently find your perfect neighbourhood by telling us what you are looking for or you can search for your area by postcode to see our stats on that area. Happy hunting!

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