6 tips to better present your home to buyers

13 Mar 2014
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Read our 6 tips on how to present your home to your potential buyers. You could have a viewing at an hour's notice so read our guide to ensure you are prepared!

So the market conditions are right and you're ready to take the plunge and place your home on the market for potential buyers. But how do you attract buyers? What can you do to get them through your front door? How can you create a buzz around your property that will make others to fall in love with it and maybe even pay more than the asking price!

The problem with presenting your home is that because you see it everyday you don't notice little things that might put other people off such as peeling wallpaper or faded threadbare carpets, but these are the first things a potential buyer will spot. Try to imagine you are viewing your home as a potential buyer would because they will be scrutinising everything! You need to show potential buyers that your home is well maintained and cared for so that there won't be any nasty surprises lurking undetected.

Remember that buyers are looking for that special feeling of seeing your home as their new dream home here are our tips to help you entice them:

1. The front garden

The front garden and also the front of the house will be the first view of your property and first impressions count! So make sure this area will create a big positive impact. If this area has a driveway make sure it is clean and weed free. If you have plants make sure they are neat and tidy. The whole area must look clean and most definitely welcoming! Does the house need a fresh lick of paint? Are your windows clean?

2. The hallway

Once inside, the next area your house viewers will be scrutinising is the hallway. It is vital to make sure this area is light, spacious and most definitely tidy. If there are old smelly trainers lying around be sure to keep them out of view. If your carpets have seen better days it might be worth replacing them with a neutral shade; this could totally transform your hallway.

3. Walls

As with the outside of your house it's a good idea to repaint your dull interior walls to brighten up your home. Make sure to choose shades that are light and minimal such as magnolia. If you can't stand the cliché magnolia, go crazy with an ivory or chalk white, i.e. not crazy at all! Definitely avoid shades which will divide opinion. No hot pink!

4. De-clutter

Avoid clutter. People want to envisage their own furniture and belongings in your home and for them to do this it is important to keep your house spacious and impersonal. Tidy away personal belongings such as family photos and keep ornaments to a minimum.

5. Kitchen

A tidy clean kitchen is a must. This is one of the most important rooms of the house and most will agree it is the heart of any home. There is nothing more disappointing than to view a home which seems perfect and then finding the kitchen in a state of disarray. Buyers are mindful that to refurbish a kitchen will cost more that refurbishing any other room. If your kitchen isn't up to a good standard it will let you down and may reduce the asking price if it needs attention.

6. Clean clean clean!

Make sure your home is looking it's very best by not failing to dust, clean and tidy everywhere.

It is vital to make your home as attractive as possible, even when you don't have any viewings booked always be prepared as they can crop up last minute particularly at the weekends or in the evening after work. If people are coming alone to view your home without an estate agent allow them plenty of time to have a good look around. If there's more than one person looking give them opportunity to discuss your home alone in private. 

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