7 questions you must ask when viewing property

14 Apr 2014
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You don't want to end up living next to a nightmare neighbour in a residential war zone so here are 7 top questions to ask when viewing your next home.

Why you need to ask questions!

Don't get caught out with a dodgy deal when moving. You can find out a lot of useful information by probing the sellers and/or the estate agents. Don't feel embarrassed about asking a lot of questions as buying a property or moving into a new rental property is a major financial decision.

Put your detective skills to good use! 

Here are our top questions to ask

  1. "Why are you moving?" People move for a variety of reasons such as downsizing, or for more space due to new family additions but sometimes people may have to move because they are involved in a neighbourly dispute which could affect you if you decide to buy. Also, for example, if someone is moving because they have found a job abroad they may be eager for a quick sale which will allow for price negotiation.
  2. "How long has the house been on the market?" This is a good question to find out how popular the property has been with viewings if the property has been on the market for a few months the seller may agree to reduce the asking price.
  3. "How many viewings have you had?" This follows on from our previous question and allows you to see if there are other interested parties who had viewed the property more than once.
  4. "How long have you lived here?" If the current occupant has lived in the property for a long time this is a good sign that the property is in a nice area. If they have only spent a short period in the property it could be a sign that the surrounding area is undesirable or there have been neighbourly disputes. Remember that the seller and estate will be keen to play down any problems with the property in order to sell it so be aware if they appear to be hiding something.
  5. "What are the neighbours like?" This is a great question to ask the seller, especially to see their reaction. If the property is in a friendly neighbourhood people should at least know their neighbours name. It's also a great way to check you're moving in next to like minded people. If you have a young family the last group of people you want as neighbours are noisy students who like to party every night. Also if you have young children it's nice to know if your neighbours have children of a similiar age group.
  6. "Is there adequate parking?" This is a killer question to ask if the property has no drive. Fighting over parking spaces is a great way to fall out with your neighbours! 
  7. "When did you last replace your boiler?" An old or faulty boiler can be expensive to replace and asking questions like this can give you a good way to see how well the property has been maintained.

A quicker way

The best way to find your ideal neighbourhood is to use our unique neighbourhood discovery tool. You simply pop in what you are looking for, e.g. low crime or good schools and some info about you such as age group and marital status and we will find the ideal area to suit you.

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