How to find people in London

12 Mar 2013
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Whether it's finding that special someone or just to find drinking buddies, meeting people in London can be daunting but here are a few tips

So you've taken that big step and moved to the big city, your new life is waiting for you just round the corner in London the fast paced city where everything happens at once.

London can seem extremely lonely when you first arrive but don’t worry, this soon changes. Fortunately, London is thriving with young singles who are waiting to meet you.

Tips to meet people in London

Just say yes!

Also a great life tip. Even if you're feeling tired or bit broke, always accept invitations so you can branch out and meet lots of new people you otherwise may not have ever met. This is a great way of increasing your social circle and you never know who you might meet next! I once took the "just say yes" advice after reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace (a great book) and it changed my life.

Find events to go to alone

These can be anything ranging from free museums to exercise classes and gyms. If you are planning to meet people at the gym make sure you wear something flattering like some stylish Sweaty Betty threads. Make sure you pick an activity that interests you and remember the more you pursue your interests the more likely you will meet people that you have lots in common with. The great thing about living in London is that there's something for everyone. Going out solo does seem scary at first but by being alone you're much more approachable, especially with the opposite sex!

Online dating

Most single Londoners use these as London is swarming with people ready to date you, and they're just a click away. You may not find the one, but you will have fun. It's a night out away from the sofa and television and no one wants to spend their best years stuck at home. Online dating also allows you to quickly work out what you're looking for and also grows confidence so when you do meet someone you really like, you're more likely to go for it rather than hold back and miss your chance. So don't waste time and get dating straight away!

Ask a colleague for a drink

If you're completely new to London and don't know anyone at all, your workplace could be a good start for making friends. Going for a quick drink after work with your colleagues will not only improve your working relationships but will also allow you to enjoy work more and meet new people. Improved working relationships can also mean progression up that long career ladder. You never know, you might find that your work mates are much more fun when they're away from work!

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