How to find where to live in England and Wales

11 Dec 2013
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There are some lovely places across England and Wales, you simply need to know where they are. Let us find the perfect neighbourhood that's just right for you.

If you are asking yourself, "Where should I live?" then we can certainly assist you. You may be looking for somewhere low in crime with plenty of green space. Maybe good schools are important if you have kids or maybe you want to live in an area high in young singles?

Find a hood's unique neighbourhood search tool can pinpoint specific neighbourhoods that match your criteria, you simply need to tell us what you are after and a bit about yourself for the search to begin.

Describe your perfect neighbourhood

The first step is go to our discovery engine to tell us what is important to you. You specify the importance of criteria such as low crime by shifting the slider farther to the right the more important you find it. If it is less important to you leave it where it is or only slide it a little way.

You have lots to choose from too. You can specify how important a similar age group and marital status is or how important good local schools are to you. You can chose if your neighbours should have a similar occupation or income. You can tell us how important green spaces and gardened areas are to you and how important you find low crime rates and low cost housing too. The choice it most certainly yours.

Tell us a bit about yourself

The second step is to tell us a bit about yourself. In order for some of the criteria to work such as finding a similar age group we will of course need to know what age you are. So at this stage you tap a few facts about yourself so we can personalise your search to be all about you.

Narrow down a region

The final step. Regardless of how ideal your perfect neighbourhood is for you, you are unlikely to want to move right across the country to live there. If this is the case narrow down your perfect neighbourhood to one of ten regions such as North West, South East or London. If you really are open to any location in England and Wales then do not pick a region at all!

Then just click the big red button to "Find a Hood".

Your most ideal neighbourhoods

We will present you with you the top 15 neighbourhoods based on their suitability to you requirements both on a table and pinpointed on a map, you can page through to neighbourhoods that didn't quite make the top 15.

You then click a location (either click the row in the table or the pinpoint on the map) to zoom in and have a look at that particular neighbourhood. If it looks like something you would consider click through to see more information.

Review your perfect neighbourhood

So why did we think this neighbourhood would suit you specifically? You can trawl through as much of our data as you like to find out as much as you can. There may even be a comment left by a previous resident. If you already live in this area or have done in the past you must leave a comment as it will be so valuable to future visitors of your 'hood.

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect neighbourhood for you. There are some lovely places across England and Wales, you simply need to know where they are. Give it a go now and see what you find!

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