How to make the most of a patio garden

3 Mar 2014
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Is your patio grey and lifeless? Find out how you can add a bit of life and colour to transform it into your own beautiful oasis.


Have you just moved into a new property only to find the garden is nothing more than concrete? Do you long for a beautiful idyllic garden where you can relax in summer?

It seems today that many gardens are now little more than concrete paving. Patios are incredibly low maintenance but they can look dreary, making property look neglected. But fear not, they're are many ways in which you can improve your patio garden and it needn't cost you a fortune. The most rewarding and inexpensive way is with plants.

What should I plant?

By adding a few plants you can completely transform your garden. If you're not interested in flowers and want to make the most of your space you can try growing your own vegetables and herbs which will not only look great but can also be eaten and will save you a trip to the supermarket.


Herbs are incredibly easy to grow and maintain, to get your money's worth buy a few perennial (that means year round) herb plants which live all year round and won't die during winter, these include Sage, Rosemary, Mint, Lavender (a firm favourite with bees), Oregano, Thyme and even Chamomile. There's such a wide variety of herbs to choose from depending on your favourite cuisine and if curry is a top favourite there is even a curry plant, that, yes, tastes exactly like curry!


If it's colour you're looking for Primroses are a great addition and are very cheap to buy, they come in a variety of colours and are easy to maintain. Plants can be expensive to buy, but if you buy them from market stalls commonly found in you local town you will find them much cheaper than a garden centre.


These days you can even buy mini fruit trees, such as apples and pears, that are grown and kept in pots that are specifically intended for a patio and can yield a surprising amount of fruit considering their small size.

What will I need?

You can find multitudes of bargains in your local pound shop, which depending on the season will sell almost everything you need, such as plant pots, plants, seeds and various other garden equipment. It's worth checking out what the pound shop has to offer before you visit more expensive shops.

To start yourself off you'll need pots, compost, a watering can, gardening gloves and a trowel and that's pretty much it!

How to make the most of a small space

A small garden needn't be an issue and you can really maximise growing space by incorporating hanging baskets, wall baskets and even a trellis to allow plants to climb up your walls. These sorts of items can still be found in your local pound shop or garden centre.


Transforming your garden just takes a little time and creativity, and then after all your hard work you can sit back and enjoy your new view with a nice well earned cup of tea, maybe even home grown camomile tea!

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