How to plan a property purchase

11 Apr 2013
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We take a look at Property Notepad, the site that claims to be the only site that helps planning a property purchase from end to end in one convenient place

Property Notepad pitches itself as a one stop shop for doing the research necessary when purchasing a property. It does that well with an exhaustive list of very useful sites. Some of which you will already know about like Google Maps; many you will not; all of them very useful.

Simple steps

When finding a property and then planning a purchase, it can seem a long, daunting task. Property Notepad makes it seem simpler and much more organised by arranging the tasks into three seemingly simple steps:

  1. Step 1 Property Search - Finding a house to move to
  2. Step 2 Property Research - Sites that help you research potential property locations with sites like findahood and more
  3. Step 3 Property Financials - Checking the financials, with a great variety of calculators and quoting sites

These are the steps that you will need to take when planning your move and what better way than to use Property Notepad?

Owner of Property Notepad

Speaking to Richard Pett, Owner of Property Notepad, he says, "The idea for Property Notepad came about last year when my wife and I were looking for a new house and we were constantly searching multiple websites to search for property and to research various areas. It always seemed like a hit and miss process trying to understand what websites we should check and always thinking 'did we miss something in the due diligence process?'

I decided to create Property Notepad for our own use as a place to store and categorise all the useful sites we used in the property purchase process and the site grew from there!We now add to the site daily and have an active following on Twitter!"

What do you think?

So why not give Property Notepad a go. It will help you to organise the complicated process of finding a property, researching its area and checking the financials. When you've had a look please use the comments below to leave your thoughts on Property Notepad. Can you see yourself using it? Is there anything it is missing? Let us know what you think below.

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