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11 May 2014
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The new is Offering the same great neighbourhood demographics and stats as Up My Street used to and much more is what makes findahood the best place to research your street used to be a great site, I used to use it a long time ago when searching for a place to buy my first property. Up My Street also used to help you research potential areas by allowing you to tap in a street name, neighbourhood or postcode and it would tell you the stats on the surrounding area.

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Up my street had a flaw though and a large one in my opinion. Although it was great for finding out neighbourhood statistics on a location or post code, users had to have an area in mind to begin with. This may not be possible for new comers to a city, movers, immigrants, students, graduates or anyone in need of a change.

It was that inspired me to create as I wanted a way to do what up my street could do but backwards. So instead of finding statistics on an area you find an area based on what you want the statistics to be. For example, can find you places full of young people, rich people, areas with low cost housing, low crime, good schools that sort of thing. If that sounds interesting to you please use our free neighbourhood discovery engine.

Anyway, unfortunately a few years ago, up my street was gobbled up by Zoopla and sadly turned into merely a redirect to the Zoopla homepage... not very useful. It is certainly no

So now has been consigned to history, where can you go now for learning about areas? can help there too. We process a phenominal amount of national statistics in order to match requirements to neighbourhoods of England and Wales so we can also scrutinise any location in England and Wales just for you. You simply need to visit our location search tool, tap in a post code or location and we will tell you all the data we have on it.

The neighbourhood statistics we hold on each area include, age ranges, marital statuses, crime stats, school results, household arrangements, occupations, property prices, religions, incomes, greenspaces and garden spaces much like Up My Street.

So give the new upmystreet a go

Go to our location search tool and find what's up your street once more. So, what is your area like?

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