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8 Jul 2013
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Moovon is a one stop shop for people looking to sell or let their property online, themselves.

When letting or selling a property you may take estate agents' fees for granted but if you are to consider them for a moment they can be very pricey. A quote for selling a £300k property I had recently was 2% exclusive or 3% multi-agent. That means I would have paid either £6k or £9k depending on whether you let the agent sell it exclusively or you let multiple agents compete. This makes moving house very costly when you add stamp duty for your next purchase and solicitors' fees on top.

Moovon is trying to solve this problem by empowering you to sell or let directly to potential buyers. The process is conducted online allowing you to sell or let you property with no estate agent or middle man.

By working with Zoopla to price your property automatically, Google to pinpoint your property on a map, YouTube to add a video tour and further potential with Facebook to advertise your house, really there is every reason to use Moovon to create your online advert to sell or let your home or property. You also have your own unique dashboard to see how many people are viewing your property daily, you are in control.

Speaking to Adam Dunkley, Managing Director of Moovon he said, "We are the first property service to develop a tagging system to let you further highlight key features to potential hunters. We support you with every step when creating your advert, which was the top priority when designing and developing the service.

We know that many people think the only route to sell a house is to use an estate agent, we are here to change this idea and introduce technology into the market, which will ultimately give you the edge over someone using an estate agent.

Communication is key today, an area our research showed us estate agents fall short. With our automated dashboard you have live data of visits, questions, offers and more. Of course we are here to help as well if someone wants a little advice or support, as technology is not for everyone."

To give it a go you can sign up for a free account then create your own property advert online and immediately it will be listed with a number of property websites. You will then be contacted directly by house hunters and you can talk and negotiate with them. Visit Moovon for further details.

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