Which London area is right for you?

9 Mar 2013
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How to find an area tailor made to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Which area of London is right for me?

So you’ve decided you fancy a move, whether moving from near or far it’s important to ask yourself what you want from your neighbourhood. Differerent areas suit different people. For example if you’re not keen on the hustle and bustle, an outer London suburb such as Bromley could be right up your street. If you’re looking for a fast paced action packed lifestyle you’d do well to live closer to Central London where the action is, such as Shoreditch.

Different areas can differ greatly so it's vital to do your research and if possible visit places you are interested in to get a better feel for them. Here are a few pointers to give you a start.

If you haven't a clue on where to live in London, we can find a location that's right for you

Sport and keeping fit in London

If you’re keen on sport you might want to see if there are good local gyms or green spaces where you can go for a quick run. If you’re completely new to London and are keen to make friends why not see if there are local sports clubs you can join. A great website to find a local gym is The Gym Website as you type in the area you are interested in and it will show you all the local gyms.

If you fancy something a bit different you can always check out groups such as London Hula Hoopers, they have classes throughout London and are great fun, they also have a group on facebook.

If you fancy learning some circus skills why not take a look at Spinning@ on facebook. This group meets every Tuesday evening at the RAG Factory off Brick lane, Heneage Street at 6pm onwards to spin Poi, Juggle, Hula Hoop and much more. At £3 for an entire evening it’s an absolute bargain night out.

Like a relaxing drink in the evening?

What are the local pubs like, do they seem inviting? They usually give you a good indication of what the local population is like. There’s nothing better than living near a great local that you can use to meet up with friends, even more so if it offers a beer garden; great for summer. To find somewhere to have a drink try the beer in the evening site.

Your local high street

It is important to have a good choice of local shops close to your doorstep. London is great for having ethnic supermarkets offering interesting exotic foods that are usually much cheaper than the big chain supermarkets and it’s great to support local trade in your new area.

London is also great for quirky one off shops. If you haven’t done so already, you absolutely have to visit some of London’s many markets. Camden market is a treasure trove of odd gems and hard to find items and is a great day out.

Need a bit of park life?

Unfortunately, a lot of Londoners don’t have gardens so if that’s the case with you, you might want to see if there are local parks in your area. London has some great green spaces, such as Richmond Park, Hyde Park and Greenwich Park, but there are also lots of smaller ones for example the ones that form the South East London Green Chain. Parks are great if you fancy a bit of peace or if you want to top up your tan during summer. They are great for meeting with friends in the warmer months too; you can bring a picnic and watch the world go by.

Top tip!

If you already have friends in London, it’s a very good idea to see if you can move near to them as London is deceptively large. I tend to think of London as lots of different towns stuck together. Once Londoners have found their neighbourhood, they tend to stick to it.

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