31 Days Of Halloween in London - The Greenwich Foot Tunnel

2 Oct 2019
Published in London
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There's no better place than to London to celebrate Halloween.

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel


By day this is like any other tunnel but at night the ghosts come out.

The Greenwich foot tunnel opened in 1902 runs under the River Thames 50 feet underground. It is 370 metres long and connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs.  this tunnel connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs. 

This tunnel is open 24 hours a day, it is reported that even on hot days it remains cool. This gets very busy during the day with tourists and people using it to commute to work. It is located near to the Cutty Sark and popular area of Greenwich full of epic pubs and restaurants.

Free to visit, the best time to visit is at night. When it is quiet is is said you can hear ghostly whisperings, unseen footsteps and sudden temperature drops.

The most talked of ghost sighting down here is that of a Victorian couple, a man and woman who like to take a stroll in the tunnel before disappearing in to thin air.



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