Hidden Gems of London: Oxleas Wood

14 Sep 2019
Published in London
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Hidden in South east London is Oxleas Wood, 130 hectares of ancient deciduous woodland dating back 8000 years. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich is offers fantastic views of the surrounding Kent countryside. As you wander around you'll completely forget you're still in London.

Comprised of lots of little woodland paths, its offers a secluded woodland walk that is quiet and undisturbed. Unlike the bigger more well known parks such as Richmond Park offers a closer connection to nature. It's a great place to bring dogs and children too.

What to see at Oxleas Wood

What makes Oxleas Wood so special are its ancient Oak trees which are vital habitats for many insects, birds and other walks of wildlife. Did you know Oak trees are entire ecosystems. Other species of trees that call Oxleas wood homes are; Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Ash, Aspen, Wild Cherry Alder and Silver Birch.

The woodlands are also home to a wide range of birds including both the spotted and green woodpecker. You may also be able to catch a glimpse of the bright green parakeets that have mysteriously appeared across South East England. 

Shyer residents of Oxleas Wood include foxes and hedgehogs.


What to do at Oxleas Woods

Oxleas Wood is a great wood to get lost in for a few hours but there is so much more to see and do. Conservation group, The Friends Of Oxleas Wood put on many events such as guided walks, exhibitions, Summer and Autumn Fayres as well as providing conservation volunteering opportunities.

Hidden in nearby woodland is Severndroog Castle, which is actually a majestic gothic inspired tower. It offers epic views of the surrounding woodlands and comes with a tea room. There's a lot going on at Severndroog Castle activities range from Yoga to film screenings, art exhibitions and live music.

Also located in the woods is an outside gym and The Oxleas Wood Cafe which offers expansive views over the woods and beyond. It is on the top of Shooters Hill and offers hot food ice cream and sometimes live music!

How to get there

There are many entrances to Oxleas Woods and these are all on bus routes. There is also parking available by the cafe. 

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