North London vs South London 2014

3 Jan 2014
Published in London
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Which is better North or South? We gathered all the data to compare the two divides of London in one giant infographic. Take a look

At we crunch through mountains of data everyday to help you find your perfect neighbourhood based on your personal lifestyle and priorities using our unique neighbourhood discovery tool.

With all this data we thought it would be interesting to compare North London boroughs to their South London siblings to see which comes out on top for green spaces, gardens, house prices, crime, public transport, age ranges and cultural diversity.

We are pleased to provide the most surprising of results in this stunning infographic. Take a look and please share.

North vs South London infographic


So there we are, South London is better for being a safer, greener and more economical place to live. However, North London attracts an edgier, younger and more diverse crowd. Which of the two is better for you is up to personal taste.

To find the perfect neighbourhood suited to your personal lifestyle try our neighbourhood discovery engine. It lets you tell us what makes a perfect neighbourhood and then finds your best match.

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