How to cut your household energy bills

21 Feb 2014
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Ready our handy guide on how to slash your energy bills! It's a lot easier and cheaper than you think...

Fed up with big energy bills?

It seems energy firms are forever increasing our bills which leaves low income households unable to adequately heat their home, but did you know there are loads of ways in which we can all save money without having to spend a penny. 

Remember a little bit here and a little bit there can save hundreds of pounds per year, cutting down on your energy use needn't be difficult and you may well be surprised with how much you can save!

Energy saving investments

We'll take a look at how you can make big savings with energy saving investments that will make a big difference to your energy bills year after year after year.

Energy saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs have improved so much over the years. Gone are the days of a dim glow growing for about 10 seconds before it matches the brightness of your "gold old" filament bulb. Now they are instant and you really wont notice you have them until you look at your bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, "replacing just one traditional bulb with an energy saving light bulb can save you on average £3 a year - and by swapping all your inefficient bulbs in your home you could save around £55 a year."

You have two options, the first is to buy a CFL which is the traditional "energy saving bulb" which is more of twisted pipe than a bulb shape. These save a huge amount of energy compared to traditional filament bulbs and they cost around £3-4 each. The other option is LED bulbs, these are more efficient still but are new and expensive at present costing around £15-20 each.

Cavity wall insulation

Is your home as cold as a freezer during the winter months and no matter how much heat your central heating system pumps out? It may be time to get out the big guns.

Cavity wall insulation isn't as scary as it sounds, it's a quick procedure that's usually done in a day. What's amazing is you will notice the results immediately and not just the change to your bank balance. Cavity wall insulation makes a big difference, it simply involves the filling the gap between the external walls which will keep your warm air in.

Typically it costs around £500 but according to the Energy Saving Trust you can easily expect to save up to around £150 a year and so it will quickly pay for itself after a few years. There are also grants available to certain groups of people such as the elderly and those on a low income.

Loft insulation

Similar to cavity wall insulations, you can also get your loft padded with extra insulation to help prevent heat escaping and can save up to £150 pounds per year.

Solar panels

Having these installed on your roof can not only save you a fortune but can also make you money. We've dedicated a whole article to solar panels which you can read here: Are solar panels more profitable than pensions?

It is an investment

Yes, they cost you money upfront which no one needs but remember the savings! You will be saving a lot of money on your bills every month from the date of your investment. You will also be living in greater comfort having your house temperature stay stable despite the changing weather outside. You are also helping the environment by cutting unnecessary emissions too so your eco-obsessed friend will also be impressed. Everyone wins!

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