Slash your energy bills without spending a penny!

24 Feb 2014
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Want to spend less on your gas, electricity and water but aren't sure about buying expensive insulation etc? Use these tips to start saving now for free!

In  we discussed lots of energy saving investments such as loft insulation that will save hundred and hundreds of pounds per year but initially they can be costly and if you don't have much to spare you can save money straight away with our quick tips.

These quick tips can still save quite a lot of money and if you're feeling really motivated you can put the money you have saved from these quick tips towards paying for one of the more expensive energy saving investments such as cavity wall insulation.

Top FREE energy saving tips

Here are our list of energy and water saving tips that can start saving you money today with no initial installation costs. Start now...

Switch your energy provider

You can make big savings in the hundreds doing this. You'll need to find out what tariff you're on and how many kWh (kilowatt hours) you use on average and then by using comparison websites you can see how much you could be saving if you switch. If you haven't done it for a few years it could be £hundreds! 

Don't leave your TV on standby

Turning off your electrical appliances completely instead of leaving them on standby can save you around £90 a year!

Turn the heating down

If you turn your central heating thermostat down by one degree, the chances are you will not feel the difference or if you do why not stick on a jumper or use it as a good excuse to cuddle up with your loved one. Doing so can save you £55 a year and make your nan happy by wearing that knitted jumper more often than never.

Boiling water

Try to only boil the exact amount of water you will need for you warm drinks. Or if you are one of many that add a bit of cold to your tea to make it easier to drink quickly why not just turn the kettle off before it reaches boiling point. These little changes can save you £7 a year.

Wash at 30 degrees

Have you ever tried washing at 30 degrees? Well maybe you should, washing machines and powders are so advanced now a days that you may not need any more than a 30 degree wash. Give it a try.

Put a lid on it!

Put lids on your cooking pans. This will keep a lot of heat escaping through convection and will require less heat from your hobs be that gas or electric.

Spend less time in the shower

How long do you take in the shower? You may be surprised. Try and time yourself just to see how long it is, I'm sure you can improve on this particularly if you really try to make it a challenge for yourself.

Turn the taps off

This is a simple one that many people do wrong. When you are brushing your teeth you should really turn the tap off as you wont need it again for 2-3 minutes. That's a few minutes twice a day by everyone in your house and it really adds up.

Let's start saving money!

Once you get going you will quickly realise there are endless ways in which to cut down your energy usage and it isn't too hard. By cutting down on energy usage your saving your hard earned cash and helping the environment so everyone's happy, even the bees!

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