5 Interior Tips for Your Hallway

14 Feb 2019
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Your hallway can make or break your guest’s first impressions of your home. We spoke to Nick Acaster, Managing Director at Stair-Rods Direct to find out his top five interior tips that will take your hallway to the next level.

wYour hallway is the first area your guests will see when they enter your home so, it’s important that it always looks presentable. There are so many different ways you can do this and with options for both contemporary and modern homes, so you’re sure to find the perfect details to help create your dream home. 

Whether you need some colour inspiration, or you want to spruce up your staircase, Nick Acaster, Managing Director at Stair-Rods Direct shares his top five interior tips that will take your hallway to the next level. 

Choose an on-trend colour scheme

No matter how big or small your hallway is, the colour scheme you choose can have a big impact. If you’re wanting to go with a modern approach, incorporating Living Coral, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, will be a sure way to make your hallway stand out. This bright and beautiful shade will add instant warmth to your open space and welcome guests in right from the doorstep. Plus, as it goes so well with gold, you can give your home a luxury look with complementary metallic accents. 

If you prefer a lower-key interior aesthetic, grey was incredibly popular in home décor last year and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this year either. Painting your walls in light grey can give your home a soft and inviting appearance, whereas darker shades will look sleek and extremely contemporary. If you want to get a little more adventurous but keep it neutral, sage green is also anticipated to be big in interiors this year so don’t be afraid of going for something a little out of your comfort zone.

Add style to your staircase

Your staircase can be a focal part of your hallway so it’s important that you don’t neglect it. While some people will love having their wooden steps on show, a runner can add a new dimension to your space and help you to create the perfect first impression for your guests.

There are so many runner styles available, whether you want a solid colour or a pattern you’re sure to find what you’re after. You could even match your runner with the other decorative accents in the area.  

Once you’ve found your dream runner, you can add some extra luxury to your staircase with some stair rods. These attractive accessories will not only keep your carpet in place for longer but, with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find some that will fit your hallway aesthetic. For an ultra-modern look, opt for chrome or crystal versions. Or, add traditional touches with Victorian-style stair clips in polished brass.

Get creative with lighting

 The way your hallway is lit can have a big impact. If you’re trying to create a grand entrance way, adding a chandelier can be the perfect way to give your house a touch of luxury. Plus, it’ll be able to brighten even the dimmest of areas. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, drop pendant lighting can act as a focal point on your ceiling and show off your creative interior side. However, it’s important that you use these in moderation so that your hallway doesn’t appear too busy and cluttered on first glance. 

Tall floor lamps are also great for adding character to your hallway space as well as providing extra illumination if you’ve opted for a darker colour scheme. Finish off the area with plenty of candles for additional warmth. 

Incorporate wall prints for extra detail

Using prints in your hallway is the perfect way to grab your guest’s attention and give them a brief insight into what they can expect from the rest of your home. For a really welcoming atmosphere, try incorporating quote wall prints to show visitors what your family values are. Alternatively, picking a few pieces from your favourite artists can add a creative element to the space and give you an instant talking point. Plus, these can make your space look put-together if you pick ones where the colours coordinate with other elements in your hallway. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, framing and hanging pattern prints can be a way to add some modernity to your home. For example, animal print was incredibly popular last year and is still being included in many interior guides for 2019 too so, why not frame some leopard print paintings or posters for an extra contemporary feel?

Open up your space with mirrored features

If your hallway is relatively small, using mirrored features and ornaments can create the illusion of additional space. A large mirror hung on one of the walls can make a big difference to the area and is handy for checking your appearance before you leave the house. 

There are so many other mirrored features you can incorporate to your hallway as well, including console tables and standing lamps, as well as smaller accessories such as candelabras, frames, trinkets and ornaments. These will all expand your space and perfectly tie it together in an ultra-modern way. 

Your hallway will form people’s first impressions of your home so make sure it stands out with my top five tips.


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