Become a property guardian and slash your rent!

7 Apr 2014
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No really, we're not joking; you can halve your monthly rental outgoings by becoming a property guardian! Read our guide to find out what a property guardian is, what it involves and if it is right for you.

Really? How?

Become a property guardian which can allow you to live even in central London for as little as £200 per month. The scheme is open to the whole of the UK.

What's a property guardian?

A property guardian is someone who looks after empty houses and commercial buildings on behalf of the owners. Owners don't like their properties being vacant as this leaves them at risk of squatting, being vandalised or falling into disrepair. Most of the properties on offer to property guardians are commercial but there are a few empty residential buildings.

What's so great about being a property guardian?

Clearly the best advantage is the greatly reduced rent which is significantly cheaper then renting. A property guardian may also have the exciting opportunity to live in an unusual building such as an empty church or even a large country estate.

What's not so great about being a property guardian?

Becoming a property guardian may not suit those who love their home comforts. You'll only receive 30 days notice if you need to move out and there are quite a few restrictions to being a property guardian such as not allowing pets or dependants. in some cases you may need to bring your own furniture but this sort of lifestyle seems to suit those who are willing to move around and students. If you don't mind an unconventional living arrangement this could be a great option.

How do I become a property guardian?

There are several firms you can apply to like Ambika and Camelot. You're likely to have to put down a deposit of around £500. The application process is also likely to involve an interview and well as submitting an online statement.

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