How to increase the value of your home

12 May 2014
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Your home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It's the biggest, and most potentially profitable investment you'll ever make. So you need to make sure your investment pays out when it's time to sell!

How to add value to your home

Even if you're not planning on selling your home any time soon you need to make sure that every penny you put into your home will pay out when the time comes to sell. 

The first and most important way is to simply ensure your home is well maintained and loved as a family home should be, but here are some other ways which you can add value!

Increase your living space

You should should think of your home as a piece of land and that each square foot has value and there are ways in which you can be sure your land will pay for itself and these involve increasing your property's living space.

Loft conversion

Getting a loft conversion can give you an extra bedroom and a bathroom which can have a big impact on the value of your home. To get the best return on this venture make sure the conversion allows light in and that it has easy access for the biggest impact!


Another great way to increase your living space and make a big impact. It's important to invest in a quality conservatory that will match the style of your house and feel homely and warm, especially in winter! Having a conservatory should add a lot of light to your home which will dramatically increase your home's value for many years to come.

Reclaim your empty garage!

Most garages sit empty doing nothing and very rarely do they contain a car if there is a driveway. Remember every square foot of your property counts so why not turn your garage into an extra room. This is the most cost effective way of increasing your living space by adding an extra room, and the great news is that as long as you are not altering the size of your garage, you don't need planning permission to convert it.

Basement conversion

This isn't a common conversion due to the high cost of having it done. This can only be done by a team of specialists and you'll need to vacate your property whilst it's being converted. This method can dramatically increase living space but it is only financially viable if your home is located in a prime sought after location, such as central London where space is severely limited!

Maximise your home's kerb appeal!

This is a term commonly used to refer to what your potential buyers see and feel when they first see your home. Even if you're not planning on selling it's important to maintain your kerb appeal. Doing this also has the added benefit of improving the overall look and thus value of your street as well as your property. Impressions count, so make them!

Create a driveway

It sounds a bit risky to pave over your front garden but people love having their own driveway. If you live in an area where parking is an issue then buyers will be instantly won over. Make sure you keep some of the front garden space as flower beds to stop the driveway looking grey and ugly.

Paint your house

It's just as important to maintain the outside of your home as well as the inside. Painting your house gives it an impression of a well cared for and maintained home. Oh, and while your at it, don't forget to clean your windows, unblock the gutters and clear the driveway of weeds.

Get the look!

Everyone knows the impact that accessories can bring to an outfit and the same applies to a home. You can do this by incorporating a few changes. If your front door has seen better days buy a new one, if you are trying to sell this is a great move. An old battered front door might may potential buyers question the security of your home! You can also give your house a quick make over by buying a new letter box, house number and adding a name for your house! Another great way is to invest in some hanging baskets which can add colour to the outside of your home.

Increase your home factor!

Keep the heat in the kitchen

The kitchen is regarded as the deal breaker. It's the most expensive room of the house and if it's not up to a good standard it will repel potential buyers instantly. This is because to refit a kitchen will not only be very expensive but also a very stressful experience. The kitchen is the solid backbone of any house and if it's out of action during a refit it's a nightmare for anyone involved. On the same note make sure your bathroom(s) also makes a promising impact. 

Some people really enjoy the task of redecorating certain rooms in their new home such as the bedrooms and living areas but NEVER the kitchen and/or the bathroom - unless they're a serious DIY nut!

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