Your garage, to convert or not to convert?

6 Mar 2015
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Are you thinking of getting your garage converted but not sure what it involves? Want to know how much it costs, and whether it's a profitable investment? Then read our guide to find out more.

Why get a garage conversion?

A garage conversion turns your garage into extra living space, and the great news is that they don't usually require planning permission, they can add up to 10% to the value of your home. Not only that but a garage conversion can greatly increase your living space without the hassle and costs of moving house such as forking out for stamp duty and estate agents.

So what do you need to know about garage conversions?

A garage conversion can cost anywhere between £5,000 - £15,000 making the average cost around £7,500 which is costly. However if you choose to do this you can increase your home's value  by 10% making it a very worthwhile investment. It's estimated that the average UK house price is £272,000 so a garage conversion could add an extra £27,200 to the value, in London the average house price is £514,000 and a garage conversion can add a whopping £51,400 to the value. Not bad for a home improvement that costs up to £15,000

The great benefit of having a garage conversion is that the extra space can be used in a variety of ways, here are just a few examples:

  • An extra front room, which could come in handy if you have older kids who like to play games consoles and watch their own programmes
  • A downstairs bathroom, which makes for less stressful mornings when everyone fights for the shower
  • An extra bedroom to accommodate a growing family
  • As part of a kitchen extension, you could increase your kitchen space and transform it into a kitchen diner
  • Children's playroom, ideal as a space where you can store their millions of toys without cluttering up your house
  • A home office, great if you work from home or need somewhere where your children can do their homework in peace

What's involved with a garage conversion?

If you think a garage conversion is simply bricking up the garage door and adding electrics you're sadly mistaken, there's a few more steps 

  • Garage Door Infill - This is the most obvious step of a garage conversion where the door is replaced, usually with a new external wall and possibly incorporating a window in it's place to allow for light
  • Damp proofing - To prevent moisture infiltrating from the ground making it suitable for home living, along with that you'll need to ensure there is adequate fire resistance  and ensure there is thermal resistance to ensure the new space can retain heat and not waste energy
  • Flooring - Fire resistance, thermal resistance, and damp proofing can all be tackled with proper flooring. in most cases the garage floor will need to be reinforced to make it fit for human habitation. This can be done with either a solid floor or with a suspended timber floor 
  • Roofing - As well as modifying your garage floor the roof will also need attention to ensure it is fit for habitation if there is room above the garage. There are two types of roofing you can get, these are a simple flat roof or a pitch roof which allows for extra insulation
  • Ventilation - The level of ventilation will depend on the intended use of your garage conversion. Bathrooms and kitchens will need higher level of ventilation compared to bedrooms

All in all a garage conversion seems to be a great investment to your home, if you're still interested all you need to do next is find a builder in your area.

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